Google Ads Vs Social Media Ads

Google Ads vs. Social Media Ads – What’s Best for My Business?

Trying to get as many high-quality eyes on your website can be a real challenge for even the most desirable service or product. It doesn’t matter if you are selling the keys to the Fountain of Youth. If you cannot get the foot traffic, you won’t have reliable revenue pouring into your online business.

That is why many owners and operators turn to social media or Google ads experts that can elevate the visibility of any brand and encourage more lead acquisition. You don’t necessarily have to participate in a “pay to play” business model, but if you want a reliable method of securing a growing market share, you will most likely have to do some online advertising.

What is the Difference?

Every business has unique needs that require customized solutions. There are many different social media platforms that can benefit your business. You don’t need to use all of them. In fact, many digital brand strategists would suggest sticking to the 1-3 social media platforms more related to your industry. If you have a lot of video content, you may want YouTube or TikTok. If you have great photos, Instagram or Facebook may be best.

Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and allows you to target ads to those users with precise demographics or characteristics. Using a social media ads expert gives you great insights into CTR information, especially when combined with a pixel or tracking device to see who is clicking on your ads the most. Social media offers a better CTR than Google.

Google is the leading search engine in the world. Where social media targets specific user groups, Google gives you a much broader audience and allows you to remarket your campaigns, especially those that add something to their cart from your site and then don’t follow through on the purchase.

What You Need to Consider?

Whether trying to leverage keywords with Google ads or getting the social proof you need to generate UGC with social media ads, the real determining factors are going to be based on you and your business. You need to ask a few questions like:

    1. What is my budget and the cost of running these ads?
    2. Do I have the knowledge to do these campaigns on my own?
    3. How easy is it to use Google ads or social media ads?
    4. Will I know how to restructure and test my ad campaigns from returning data?
    5. Is my business primarily SEO-based or social media-based?
    6. Where do my best customer profiles hang out online?

And more!

That is why the often best solution is to combine the two strategies. It is just like investing in the stock market. You may love Tesla, Disney, or Amazon to death, but putting all your eggs in one basket could lead to a lot of eggshells on the ground. Diversifying your ad campaigns between both Google and social media is a great way to grow your brand online.

Where to Get Started?

If you are ready to make the leap into digital advertising, why not speak to the Google ads experts and social media ads experts at Griffon Webstudios? We have years of experience navigating the different platforms and campaigns available that can help your band reach those consumers who are most likely to engage your services or make a purchase from your store. Schedule a meeting with the team today and watch your revenues soar!