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Mobile Apps are the modern day “gold rush” and to not to take advantage of where your customer is, all the time could be a big mistake. With the advent of technological advancements, we build elegant, user-friendly apps to meet your business requirement.

At Griffon Webstudios, We specialize in developing custom mobile and web app solutions that are user-friendly and has a great visual appeal to cater to any of the business problems. Do you have plans to build an app? Or, Do you have one and looking for help in marketing it? Reach out to us for assistance. This is how we work.:

  1. Brainstorming Ideas
  2. Building a prototype
  3. Development methodology
  4. Launching App to store
  5. Marketing- Downloads, Traffic.

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It’s projected that there will be 269 billion app downloads in 2017

70% of the apps are deleted in less than 72 hours

iPhone users pick up and unlock their phones 80 times a day

87% of mobile users spend time on Apps, not on the web browser.

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