Your website aesthetic has a significant impact on your perceived credibility and business quality. Boosting your underperforming website with our team of expert designers and developers will completely change your client acquisition. We are a team of creative designers who love implementing clean websites that are easy to navigate and draw the engagement of potential customers to the target sale.

At Griffon Webstudios, We create custom websites that reflect the benefits of your specific brand identity. We partner with leading platforms like Shopify, Big-Commerce, WordPress, Magento and more to deliver your custom store to the customers you want the most. Our SEO techniques are above the recognized standards industry-wide, resulting in higher quality visitation and organic search results. We are experts in designs based around the WordPress CMS platform. We are able to integrate any custom plugins you require to manage your business online or off.

With the majority of potential customers viewing their options through a mobile device, it only makes sense to have an online presence that can make use of that technology. Let our experts design a new home for your business that will draw in traffic, simplify your layout, and provide a welcome aesthetic in line with your well-developed brand identity. 

Did you know that 57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website to their friends and family? 


Your company needs a responsive website that works on all sizes of mobile platforms, from the smallest phone to the largest PC screen. Think about all the sites you have visited. Did you bother going back to the ones with disorganized info, or bad colors, fonts, and layouts? Of course not. You want to visit a site that is appealing and catches your attention while also delivering the required results. 

Reach out today and start a free consultation on how we can begin a digital transformation for your business. Our expert staff is excited to see what we can build next.

Our Strengths

Creative Design

We build user-friendly PHP and HTML websites that you can edit and make changes independently without any technical guidance. Our aim is to make the process simple and effective. We will also train you in using the backend as soon as the website goes live.


Responsive Websites

The mobile internet access has become with the proliferation of smartphones to reality. We create responsive and flexible sites on all devices available and easy to use. Visit our website with your smartphone or tablet PC to check the user experience.

E-commerce Websites

Nothing can be more exciting than giving life to an E-commerce site. With inventory, backend, sales insights and product information under one roof, We make the business process simple and easy to manage for our clients.

How We Can Help?

We offer both styles of website design. Our developers are ready to customize your end site to fit your specific needs or provide you with turnkey options depending on your niche.

We specialize in WordPress and Shopify but are experienced and fully prepared to work in custom CMS situations or through other popular platforms like Big commerce, Volusion, Magento and more.

Absolutely! We want to provide you with a fully developed end product, which includes guiding you through evidence-based, proven SEO tactics and a fully mobile responsive website.

We are more than ready to build your website on a separate server than your current space. This allows us to test and fine-tune any issues ahead of time. We can then go down for a short period to upload the new site to your current location during a “soft launch.” We will then test for all the backend needs you require, and your front-end UI/UX needs.

Your website is your property. We are merely coming in to fix up the house and make things bright and shiny. Unless specified otherwise, you have complete ownership of the final product. We will occasionally ask our clients if we can list their completed sites on our portfolio, but that only helps you by providing another powerful backlink to grow your search results.

We want to provide you with a complete site that is fully functional and that includes a CMS that is navigable and updatable whenever you need it. We do offer agreements that extend into some website management areas if you prefer.

Our team of website designers will pass your account to our IT staff that can run updates and maintenance. We offer different packages for this service according to the frequency of changes and size of the site. This is an excellent topic to discuss when we have a consultation as every client is different.