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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Best practices of Pay Per Click Management for your needs
PPC is one of the quickest and effective marketing tools used to drive traffic to websites. The foundation of a successful Ad campaign begins with a strategic keyword research and choosing the best performing keywords for your business.
Skillfully handled PPC search engine marketing placement can save you lots of money and drastically increase your ROI. Pay per click, SEO, and other search marketing strategies complement each other to generate revenue before and after you establish natural search engine rankings.

What we focus on achieving in our PPC campaign is to:

  1. Build a strong account structure
  2. Optimize the landing page
  3. Simplify the Call To Action
  4. Maintain low CPC
  5. Target the right audience
  6. Increase the quality score
  7. Maximize ROI

What we do?

Account Setup

Campaign Audit

ROI Analysis

Placement Selection

Search and Display Ads

Budget Control



Keyword Management


Google earns 95% revenue from Ads.

Adwords conversion rate is at 5%

Businesses make $2 for every $1 spent on Adwords

Google display network serves 6 billion impressions a day

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