Beyond Clicks and Conversions

Beyond Clicks and Conversions: Measuring Brand Engagement in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a never-ending labyrinth of trial and error to best deliver your core messaging and identity so that they appeal to the unique pain points of your target audience. That requires a lot of innovation, and brand building is crucial to ensure you are reaching your goals.

The purpose of brand building is to boost your online presence and also to develop high-end customer relationships that bleed loyalty into their personal lives. It involves engaging with customers on a more intimate level so they spread positive word of mouth everywhere they go.

Finding a way to correctly measure that impact is a whole different beast altogether.

Our team at Griffon Webstudios wants to boost your ability to measure brand engagement by providing some solid metrics you should already be tracking.


Social Media Engagement

The vast majority of online users are engaged in social media in one way or another. This could be a vibrant TikTok account following niche influencers or a simple YouTube account to get access to “how to” videos for car maintenance.

You can track this brand building through things like:

    • Number of followers to your various accounts.
    • Engagement through likes, shares, and interactions whenever you post or place an advert.
    • The different number and quality of comments on any posts you put on a platform.
    • The number of mentions or hashtags used with your brand name in the title.


Branded Keywords

Search data comes in all shapes and sizes. An excellent way to cut through this deluge of information is having branded terms. If you are Starbucks, a Venti Hot Latte may be a term you use to gauge the strength of your current building efforts. You want to monitor:

    • How your brand keywords are ranking on different platforms and search engines.
    • If there are any product/service-related keywords you can use to boost your presence.
    • Any PPC ads you’re running using these branded keywords.

Customer Referrals and Recommendations

An excellent way to determine if your brand building efforts have succeeded is if your current or target customers are referring you to their friends, family members, peers, and coworkers.

Always identify those external websites that are directing traffic back to your landing pages. If you have a referral program already in use (affiliate programs, non-funded, etc.), then measure participation rates.

Both of these metrics will demonstrate current and future customer loyalty.

Repeat Customers

The more your customers choose to repeat business with your brand, the greater your ability to reach and target their pain points. If your brand resonates well with your target audience, you will see these numbers as the most relevant to your current brand building.

Brand Asset Use

Many online brands have “freebies” like downloadable eBooks or guides that help customers succeed. Tracking how often these items are downloaded and used is a good metric to your ability to penetrate the marketplace.

We Can Help

Using these different metrics, you’ll begin to create a solid image of how well your brand building strategies are working. You can then adjust and retrain any such tactics so they reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible.

Our team at Griffon Webstudios can help! We have years of experience operating in the website design/development and digital marketing space. Our experts know what metrics matter the most to boost the reach and success of your online branding. Give us a call today and let’s schedule a time to discuss your future branding goals.

Transforming Digital Marketing Efforts from SEO to SXO

Transforming Digital Marketing Efforts from SEO to SXO: Improving User Experience

Staying ahead of the digital competition is no small feat. You have to lean into emerging trends while also implementing robust SEO practices that ensure you are always near the top of any search result page.

Our SEO team at Griffon Webstudios wants to help you reach this lofty goal by helping to differentiate the current SEO tactics most businesses utilize to a better SXO (Search Experience Optimization) framework that will future proof your online brand.

Understanding SXO: Beyond SEO

SXO is different from standard SEO strategies. It is more than simply using well-researched keywords in a clean UI/UX (user interface/user experience) environment. While most SEO tactics are designed to target individual search engines like Google or Bing, SXO seeks to optimize your brand’s visibility with the individual user experience.

This is a much more holistic approach to growing your online presence so you can draw in new visitors, but also keep them engaged when they land on your various pages. Implementing a strong SEO strategy blended with modern SXO keeps you competitive.

Implementing SXO in Your Marketing Strategy

The only question remaining is how do you blend your SEO strategy with SXO for your digital marketing efforts. First, you’ll want to analyze your target audience. Get to know their unique needs and behaviors so you can craft a content strategy that appeals to them and popular search engines. This may involve:

    • Optimizing Website Structures: Ensuring your current business website is highly intuitive to navigate with a well-structured layout allowing users to find what they want, when they want it.
    • Enhancing Quality Content: Develop new content that hits those needed SEO guidelines, but also delivers high-quality, relevant content to keep a user engaged as they explore further.
    • Improving Page Speed: The time it takes to load your website or marketing plan on any device of any size directly impacts your SEO and SXO factors. Faster loading times reduce bounce rates and boost user experiences with your brand.
    • Mobile Optimization: If you have not already redesigned your online presence for mobile devices, you are losing out on the competition. This is a must-have for any modern business interested in SEO, blended with SXO tactics.

Once these strategies are in place, you’ll want to regularly audit your website to track any successes or areas that will require further improvement. Engage with your audience as much as you can to learn how they are enjoying the changes. At the end of the day, their experience is what matters most.

Get Started with Our Team

Transitioning from traditional SEO to modern SXO tactics does require a shift in how your business thinks about online activity. This could be a significant challenge without the proper guidance of an experienced website design and development provider.

That is where our team at Griffon Webstudios can help. With years of experience operating in New York, we understand how to adapt and improve websites, marketing campaigns, and online branding so you continue to stand out from the crowded digital crowd.

Give us a call today, and let’s schedule a consultation to review your current online presence.


Griffon Webstudios Explores the 2024 New York Design Build Expo

Last February 13-14th, our team at Griffon Webstudios had the pleasure of attending New York’s most extensive construction and design show of the year. The New York Build Expo was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. It hosted hundreds of presenters, booths, and thousands of attendees.

As a part of our commitment to ensuring only the latest technologies and digital designs for all our clients, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate the success of this visit. Between the many conferences, workshops, and fascinating people we connected with, we discussed unique ideas with many design, construction, and architecture firms.

Here are a few of the interesting teams we were able to share some moments with.


Handcrafted Iron Doors

Featuring a 7,500-square-foot warehouse and showroom in Sarasota, Florida, Handcrafted Iron Doors is a veteran of the custom design space. They create beautiful doors from elegant hand-forged works to the security measures your business needs to stay safe.

Helios Facade

Helios Facade specializes in providing innovative and sustainable facade solutions, enhancing the aesthetic and functional value of buildings with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Helios products offer more tax credits and financial incentives than any other BIPV option.

Turf Tek USA

Bringing the power, functionality, and beauty of synthetic grass and turf to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, this is a 100% Made in the USA company. They offer a proprietary engineered installation system that is safe, effective, and works for residential, commercial, and municipal needs.



The next time you’re looking for architectural glass and associated aluminum products, consider the team at Technoglass. Since 1984, they have brought highly durable materials that infuse emerging technologies into glass that exceed customer expectations.

Score Spray Foam

Need a way to lower your monthly energy builds or eliminate those pesky winter drafts inside your home? Score Spray Foam provides a safe, effective, and easy-to-install solution around the New York area.


Cove Tool

By combining the intuitive power of AI (artificial intelligence) with sustainable building design, the team at Cove Tool helps connect all teams working on new design projects. Their set of cloud-based network tools boosts everything from the initial design to pre-construction cycles. This is an exceptional company for reducing risk while maximizing productivity.


ABTECH thrives as one of the leading Leica Geosystems distributors in North America. They focus on the entire USA (with new operations in the Northeast) and parts of Canada. Since 1996, their cutting-edge tech solution has empowered businesses of all sizes.

Bargain Moulding

Modern home and business design doesn’t need to be restricted by budgetary concerns. Beautiful finishes and personalized touches are possible through PVC trim boards supplied through Bargain Moulding in New York. With two in-person showrooms and a variety of products to explore, this is a reliable provider of custom mouldings.



Featuring an incredible history in innovative R&D products, Velosit uses German-made construction materials that improve modern construction techniques. This includes the novel Velosit Binder Formula, which helps with cementitious mortars, waterproofing, and self-leveling products.

Bright Lighting USA

Founded in 1989, the product and solution range from Bright Lighting USA is incredible. They feature a full-scale engineering and fabrication wing that allows for custom-made lighting as well as a comprehensive set of indoor, outdoor, and specialty lighting products.

Concrete Washout Systems

Serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Concrete Washout Systems provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to legacy worksite locations. This allows your construction project to align more with current green initiatives through safe, responsible, and EPA-recommended processes.


The next time you’re looking for fiberglass exterior doors, consider the brilliant team at DOORMAX. As a leading door manufacturer and wholesaler, they supply many of the home building stores, contractors, distributors, and others in the building industry. All of their doors carry a 5-year limited warranty!

VitalCheck Wellness

VitalCheck is the team behind many of the service models and technologies you’ll find in local healthcare providers. They thrive on building up medical facilities and units through in-person and virtual solutions that cover everything from coordination of care to comprehensive health management.



There were so many other companies and teams we had the chance to meet with at the expo. We highly encourage anyone in the design and architectural space to attend 2025’s upcoming New York Build Expo, which is slated to be held March 12- 13 at the same location.

Until then, from all of our team members at Griffon Webstudios, thank you for the wonderful conversations, shared design discussions, and insights into all the future has to hold in this exciting industry. If you’d like to connect with us at Griffon Webstudios, be sure to contact our team for consulting, new projects, and professional insights.

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of SEO in the Bustling NYC Market

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of SEO in the Bustling New York Market

New York City and the surrounding area are full of a vibrant community of shoppers, business owners, and international clients. This is one of the most diverse areas because it is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and beliefs. That diversity is exactly what you need to leverage when considering SEO in New York.

You will run into competition in New York. Every single day, new businesses are cropping up in boroughs around everything from selling typewriter ribbons to offering augmented reality online travel services. That range of specialization requires laser-focused SEO practices. You need to stay on the cutting edge of current industry trends and test out different methodologies to find what will work best for your brand to resonate with your target audience.

The need for a more comprehensive and agile strategy comes with that intense competition. As you consider how to best adapt your SEO in NY strategy, consider:

Local keywords

While emphasizing a “Chinese restaurant in NY” keyword phrase may have worked 5 or 10 years ago, today you need something way more precise. Local keywords specific to your service area, competitive advantage, or cultural demographic may work better.

Niche Marketing

Speaking of specialization, lean into your industry at the niche level. Don’t be a general toy store. Be a provider of exclusive learning toys designed and built by Norwegian artisans.

Mobile SEO

New York is always alive with millions of workers, tourists, and residents. Meet that need by ensuring all your SEO efforts are mobile-responsive (fast-loading pages, mobile-friendly design, image optimization, etc.).

Quality First

Google loves a website that focuses on quality over quantity. Stuffing your web page with keywords is not going to work anymore. You want quality content that engages your target audience and meets their specific search needs.

Use Social Media

Keywords do not end at your website. Adapt your SEO in NY strategy to include social media platforms, email marketing, and other digital touchpoints with your audience. Not only does this help with continuity, but it ensures you are providing an omnichannel approach to capturing more leads.


While you’re improving your SEO, watch your reputation. For example, if you are using your Google My Business profile (and you should be!), look out for reviews or incorrect information that could negatively affect your business. These may also inform the “negative keywords” you want to include in your SEO.

Finally, focus on link building. This is more than getting your business listed in local directories or through paid advertising. You want high-quality blogs, websites, social accounts, and other sources to link back to your local business. The more links you have pointing to your products and services, the higher your organic search engine results with Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and social media platforms.

The challenge of NYC is that it is ever-changing and dynamic. To keep up with this market, you must have a professional team that also watches the ebbs and flows of the online world. That is where hiring our team at Griffon Webstudios can help. We have spent years succeeding in the Big Apple and understand the industry from all aspects. Our SEO in NY strategies are fully customized to the short and long-term goals of our clients. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how we can help you!

Navigating Local SEO in NYC

Navigating Local SEO in NYC: Tactics to Boost Your Business’s Online Visibility

New York City and the surrounding boroughs are full of constant life. Endless businesses are popping up daily that you must compete with to snag as much local online traffic as possible. Standing out in this crowd requires refined local SEO NYC techniques our team at Griffon Webstudios has spent years developing, evolving, and implementing.

While you want to have a system that adapts to your target audience’s current trends and keyword research, you can use some fundamental tips to get started. First and foremost is using local SEO. Stop trying to capture a larger audience through generalized terms like “corner bookstore” and go for local infusions like “local bookstore in Brooklyn, NY.

Local SEO- Google My Business

Next, you’ll want to optimize your organization’s Google My Business (GMB) page. Like it or not, Google is the top dog in the search engine world. You must have a business profile that lists your accurate address and contact information and links back to your website and/or social media. It helps if you have your business hours and as many positive user reviews as well.

Now that you’ve established your online presence dig deeper into keyword research. Try to find those niche, local keyword phrases others are not using. For example, while it may not seem the best grammar, using terms like “Manhattan coffee shop near me” goes a long way to increasing local traffic from people on their mobile phones trying to get a cup of Joe.

On-page SEO will also need to be updated. Every single one of your web pages, from your Contact Us page to your FAQ should have a target keyword phrase with primary, secondary, and supportive terms. Be sure these are used throughout your titles, headers, and content (don’t forget the image alt-tags!).

Building High Quality Links

No matter what, link building is going to be one of the best ways to boost your local SEO NYC tactics. However, you can skip the broad directories from international sites and go for more local connections. Reach out to fellow businesses, sponsors, clients, and stakeholders in the NYC area to link back to your site. That collaboration and endorsement go a long way to enhancing your SERP (search engine rank position).

While you’re cultivating those local backlinks, ask for reviews from previous clients. The more UGC (user generated content) you have supporting your business, the more you will establish your organization as an authority in your niche. This is precisely what you need to establish trust in your reputation as an expert or “highly sought after” provider of your goods and services.

A Mobile Responsive Website

Everything must be mobile responsive. A good local SEO NYC website is one that can be quickly looked up from any location throughout the city. There are so many tourists and diverse residents that you want them to be able to reach your site no matter if they are hanging out in their kitchens, riding the subway, or walking around Central Park.

Quality local SEO NYC strategies are going to come down to consistency and adaptability. Do your research and be sure your NAP citations are the same at every customer touchpoint. These are the Name, Address, and Phone Number of your business used on your website, GMB, social media, and anything else.

Finally, don’t be afraid to share some local stories. Tailor your content so that it directly targets your local audience. Use the terms and insights you know they appreciate. This will also lead to more authenticity of your business so when they do land on your site, they know you are NYC proud – through and through.

Give us a call at Griffon Webstudios for more fantastic insights into the local SEO NYC world. We thrive in the endless change of NYC and can help you establish a strong SEO foundation to build upon year after year.


Unlocking the Power of SEO for Law Firms

Unlocking the Power of SEO for Law Firms

Did you know that a quarter of all the lawyers in the United States reside in only two states? They are California (no surprise), and, you guessed it, New York. With so much activity around major cities and international travel being what it is, there is massive competition to stand out from the crowd online and off.

While we cannot change how the Bar Association views your practice in good years and bad. We can drastically improve how the world views your practice in the online sphere. Griffon Webstudios is proud to offer SEO experts in law firms that help your website rise the ranks to number one.


Understanding SEO: What’s the Buzz About?

Millions tap their questions into search engines on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets daily, hoping to find answers. SEO, in its essence, ensures that your law firm stands tall amidst those answers. When someone types “best family lawyer near me” or “top criminal defense attorney,” SEO determines whether your firm’s website appears on that coveted first page of results.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about tricking the system. It’s about ensuring your website genuinely offers what users seek. Search engine optimization has a lot to do with your content, backlinks, and website quality (speed, images, accuracy, etc.).

Our team can help! While ads might give you a temporary boost, organic, non-paid search results genuinely establish your online credibility.


The Potential of SEO for Lawyers

Grasping how search engines gauge a website’s worth can make a world of difference. If you can offer what online users value most, you’re not just catching eyes – you’re capturing interest. That takes perfecting features like:

  • Content: It’s not just about the keywords—it’s about their relevance and quality. Let’s say someone visits your website for information on “personal injury claims.” They’re more likely to trust your expertise if they find straightforward, concise, and informative content that answers their questions. You need to back up that content with the keywords that target those searches in your local area (a specialty of our firm).
  • Backlinks and Off-Page Citations: The more authentic sites link back to yours, the higher your website climbs on the search engine ladder. Think of this like a client referral. If you had a great experience with a client and they refer someone in their network, you will expect that same level of interaction. The same is true for websites.
  • Technical SEO: Have you ever clicked on a website that took ages to load, especially on a mobile device? Frustrating, isn’t it? Search engines think so, too. Factors like swift page speed, precise title tags, and a streamlined site structure significantly enhance user experience. This leads to a higher rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.


Bringing it Home

You’re a lawyer. You know people do not tend to have your name and number written down on a piece of paper “just in case.” While there are exceptions, most clients are going to do a search online to find you, and you want to be ready.

By partnering with SEO experts in law firms like us at Griffon Webstudios, you’re not just optimizing a website but building a digital legacy. Let’s book a time for us to discuss how our professionals can revamp your online presence and bring home more views, insights, and client leads so you can maintain and grow your law firm.

Crafting a Successful Digital Brand in the New York Market

Crafting a Successful Digital Brand in the New York Market

Over 8.4 million people are swarming the streets of New York City every single day. To say that there is a lot of human interaction is a massive understatement. If you want to stand out with a new digital brand targeting even a minor segment of this population, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Every digital marketing effort we propose from Griffon Webstudios is tailored to the unique needs of our clients. While we work and grow in NYC, it certainly helps to adjust how your strategy for online promotion will work. We suggest starting with:


1. Social media

Using eye-catching videos and visuals helps differentiate your brand from the competition. Given the vast sea of content available, you want to go with TikTok, Facebook, X, and Instagram. How we help is by promoting these networks through ads and organic optimization that includes tying back to your website so when you do go viral, you’re ready.

2. PPC Ads

When it comes to digital marketing, few methods are as direct and quantifiable as Pay-per-click (PPC). The beauty of PPC lies in the power of precise keyword targeting. By harnessing long-tail keywords such as “pizza in Lower Manhattan” or “apartment to buy in Brooklyn,” marketers can achieve a sniper-like focus on their audience.

3. Gamification

New York is tough to succeed in without some slant or angle to your marketing efforts. You need to inform and entertain your target audience. Gamification, or the art of turning marketing campaigns into rewarding games, fits the bill perfectly. Make every ad, post, and content page a game or adventure for viewers to enjoy. Take them on a journey, and you’ll gain way more interest.

72% of overall marketing budgets get put towards digital marketing channels.- Wordstream

4. Word of Mouth: Customer Referral Programs

New Yorkers love the insider knowledge of personal referrals. Despite the digital transformation, the age-old word-of-mouth retains its potent charm. People will put more trust capital into your online brand when you integrate some form of customer referral program. Something as simple as a 10% off coupon for throwing a friend your way can do a lot for your bottom line.

5. Email Automation

Right along with referral programs is getting the news out about your specific offers through email automation. The trick lies in segmenting your audience and continually growing your email list. Businesses can maintain consistent customer engagement by crafting high-quality mailers that resonate and add genuine value. Most importantly, you can scale quickly. That way, when your pop-up noodle shop gets big on Instagram, your email automation schedule goes into hyperdrive to respond to demand.

6. Geolocation/Local SEO

In the city that never sleeps, time is of the essence. When anyone does a search for “nearby hotdog stands,” they don’t want to search through endless web pages related to Montreal, San Francisco, or Dallas, Texas. You need to integrate local SEO keywords throughout your website content, so you are easily identifiable as a locally run NYC business.

Need Help?

Building a robust digital presence in New York’s fiercely competitive market is no small feat. However, success is within reach with the right strategies and a keen understanding of the local audience. Behind every workable digital marketing strategy is an expert team, like Griffon Webstudios, that can leverage modern SEO techniques, social media platforms, and precise targeting to transform your online advertising, making your brand shine brighter in the Big Apple.

Contact us today, and let’s develop a unique strategy tailored to your business, audience, and local insights. As a New York-based business, we understand your challenges ahead and can help improve your odds of succeeding in the Big Apple.


Leveraging Sentiment Analysis for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging Sentiment Analysis for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Ever tried to crack the mystery of the enigmatic Mona Lisa smile or unravel the depths of emotion beneath a firm, unblinking gaze? Imagine applying a similar lens of understanding to your website, marketing campaigns, or customers’ emotions. That, in a nutshell, is sentiment analysis.


Understanding how your customers feel about your brand and online activities goes a long way to inform your decision-making. You don’t want to disrespect a potential lead due to natural demographics or lean into feelings of excitement for a new bug prevention system when it should be focused on helping and informing. The fact is that emotional resonance with your brand matters.


Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels:


Your Customers Are Speaking, But Are You Truly Listening?

We live in an era where most customer data is unstructured, and this figure is expected to hit eighty percent by 2025. That’s like standing in front of a chaotic whirlpool of information. The challenge is navigating through this chaos, inferring meaning from the unstructured data, and translating it into insights that can be actioned upon.


Enter sentiment analysis, the knight in shining armor that tames this wild data beast. Using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis takes customer feedback and neatly categorizes it by emotional tone: positive, negative, or neutral. This crucial insight helps businesses understand their customers better and make more informed decisions.


A Real-Time Check on the Customer’s Pulse

Let’s dive into an example. Remember the last time you ordered something online, and it didn’t meet your expectations? You probably took to social media or the company’s website to express disappointment. Now, imagine thousands of similar complaints pouring in every day. It’s a potential nightmare for any customer-service team.

If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with them again after a mistake. (Salesforce)

With sentiment analysis, businesses can quickly identify and address negative feedback. This approach allows them to tackle poor customer experiences promptly, prevent potential brand damage, and turn disgruntled customers into loyal ones.


The Power of Personalization: Boosting Business Performance

Emotions in marketing aren’t just about damage control. They’re also about capitalizing on the positive. Analyzing customer sentiment towards different products and services allows businesses to identify the ones their customers love the most.

70% of viewers who experienced an intense emotional response to an ad were very likely to buy the product.


These insights are gold when it comes to product-recommendation systems. Recommendations considering sentiment intensity led to customer satisfaction, as opposed to random suggestions. Now, that’s an emotional connection worth leveraging!



Reducing Customer Churn with Emotionally Intelligent Messaging

The 2022 CRM Impact Report highlighted an average global customer-churn rate of thirty-two percent. It further pointed out that eighty-three percent of marketing managers attributed this high rate to poor customer communication and irrelevant messaging.


Understanding your customers’ emotional states allows you to communicate better, provide more relevant messaging, and offer superior customer service. This approach ultimately leads to happier customers and reduced churn.


Time to Check In With Your Customers’ Emotions?

So, we’ve seen the power of sentiment analysis in tapping into customers’ emotions. It helps you hear unspoken words, see unseen emotions, and take action that resonates with your customers. But the real question is, are you ready to incorporate feelings in marketing?


To give it a whirl, contact us at Griffon Webstudios. Our expert team will help you explore modern SEO techniques and transform your online advertising and marketing efforts. Remember, your customers are not just numbers. They’re humans with emotions that can be learned from to boost your online brand presence and marketing campaigns.

How Minimalism In Marketing Win Over Audiences: The Art Of Unbranding

How Minimalism In Marketing Win Over Audiences: The Art Of Unbranding

Have you ever been captivated by the simplicity of a brand you come across online? A minimalist design that prompts an awestruck ‘Wow!’ and connects with you unexpectedly through some emotional resonance you never expected?

That’s probably from the art of unbranding. In today’s era of crazy competition, with an overabundance of digital stimuli and sensory saturation, using unbranding is a clandestine weapon in any thriving marketing campaign.

What Exactly is Unbranding?

Unbranding is a marketing tactic that large companies often employ to give their brand a local flair. It’s a strategy to sever the corporate bindings and resonate with community sentiments. By utilizing simplistic design elements aligned with local resources.

The problem is many of these multinational companies shed their global facades when profits are down. They choose to don the persona of a small, local business. This enables them to blend in, attract the local crowd, and ride the growing wave of local business support.

You see this method the most in the organic food realm. Big companies like Kraft or GE use local “brands” that hide their true identity. This way, they can lean into organic resources or green marketing techniques to “trick” consumers.

Navigating the Current of Minimalism in Branding

At Griffon Webstudios, we’ve noticed the persistent rise in brands simplifying their designs, gradually becoming a dominant theme in the online marketing terrain. This minimalistic approach isn’t merely about stripping back unnecessary decorations. It’s about focusing on the core message and value proposition.

Take Google as an example. Their brand doesn’t ensnare you with elaborate designs, but with a clear, singular purpose. Their homepage epitomizes minimalism at its finest: a logo and a search bar. Even though this multinational giant has many other aspects, the search engine they are most well-known for is as simple as it gets.

In contrast, Yahoo’s homepage, cluttered with news and miscellaneous links, often feels like an information deluge. This juxtaposition underscores the importance of minimalistic branding in the digital realm.

Why are Businesses and Websites Opting for a Minimalistic Identity?

Businesses and websites are championing minimalism and unbranding because they comprehend the advantages of how this method engages more decisive consumers.

    • Heightened Focus on the Core Message: Unbranding and minimalism allow businesses to eradicate distractions and focus solely on their fundamental message.
    • Enhanced User Experience: A minimalistic design provides a clean, uncluttered environment, leading to a more user-friendly experience (in other words – more white space for UI/UX).
    • Resonating with Modern Aesthetics: The clean and minimalist look appeals to modern consumers who appreciate simplicity and authenticity, allowing video and other media to stand out.
    • Efficacious Marketing Campaigns: With a clear and straightforward brand identity, your marketing campaigns can become more efficient, targeting your desired audience and driving them toward sales funnels.

The Magic of Unbranding: A Case Study

IKEA, a global corporation, is a prime example of successful unbranding. Despite its worldwide stature, IKEA consistently presents itself as an accessible, community-focused brand.

They’ve artfully crafted an image where customers believe they’re supporting a congenial local business rather than an impersonal conglomerate. This strategy has been pivotal in IKEA’s marketing campaigns and overall brand triumph.

Even the brand story starts by offering quality furniture to the “everyman” consumer in Sweden. That same premise is delivered worldwide through a massive international company with a “downhome” brand image.

Here’s an exploration of Ikea’s marketing strategy, focusing on various aspects including marketing channels, website and mobile application marketing, SEO, SMM, and content marketing.

IKEA’s Marketing Strategy

1. Marketing Channels:

IKEA utilizes a mix of marketing channels to reach a broad customer base.

    • Physical Stores: IKEA’s iconic blue and yellow stores are strategically located to allow customers to experience the products firsthand.
    • Online Platforms: IKEA’s e-commerce website offers the convenience of online shopping, complemented by their physical stores.
    • Catalog: The IKEA catalog, both in print and online versions, serves as a significant marketing tool, allowing customers to browse through their offerings.
    • TV and Print Advertising: Traditional advertising channels are used to create broad brand awareness.

2. Website and Mobile Application Marketing:

IKEA’s digital presence is significant in its overall marketing strategy.

    • Website Design: The IKEA website is user-friendly and showcases products through high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
    • Mobile Application: IKEA’s app offers additional features like augmented reality to visualize products within your space, enhancing the shopping experience.
    • Personalization: Through account creation and tracking customer preferences, IKEA provides personalized recommendations and shopping experiences.
3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is a key part of IKEA’s online marketing.

    • Keyword Optimization: IKEA’s website uses relevant keywords to match customer search queries.
    • Site Structure: The clear and organized structure ensures ease of navigation, impacting SEO positively.
    • Content Creation: Regular blogs and content that resonate with IKEA’s target audience help in driving organic traffic.

4. SMM (Social Media Marketing):

Social media platforms are leveraged for customer engagement.

    • Platform Utilization: IKEA is present on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to engage with different audiences.
    • User-Generated Content: Encouraging customers to share their IKEA experiences and designs has built a community around the brand.
    • Influencer Collaborations: IKEA collaborates with influencers to reach new audiences and promote products.

5. Content Marketing:

Content is at the heart of IKEA’s marketing.

    • Storytelling: IKEA focuses on storytelling to connect emotionally with customers. Their content often emphasizes sustainability, design, and functionality.
    • Video Content: Videos, including DIY guides and product showcases, engage customers visually.
    • Blogs and Articles: IKEA produces content that offers value to customers, like home improvement tips, which also helps in SEO.
Source: Brafton


IKEA’s marketing strategy is a multifaceted approach, integrating traditional and digital channels to create a cohesive and engaging customer experience. By understanding and implementing modern marketing techniques such as SEO and SMM, alongside their unique in-store experience and content marketing, IKEA has solidified its position as a global leader in the home furnishing industry.

The brand’s focus on sustainability and functional design resonates well with its target audience, making IKEA a standout example of successful contemporary marketing.

The Timeless Art of Unbranding

Unbranding transcends a mere trend – it’s a timeless strategy that resonates with consumers’ yearning for authenticity and simplicity. Coupled with minimalism, it forms a potent synergy that enables your marketing campaign to stand out amidst the ocean of digital clutter.

Still uncertain about unbranding your business and leveraging minimalism? Let Griffon Webstudios guide you. We’ll utilize our SEO expertise to optimize your online presence and efficiently manage your digital campaigns. Contact us today, and let’s collaboratively reinvent your brand!

Instagram Reels Ads

Reels Ads: New Era Of Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is an important tool for businesses to engage with their customers. Instagram Reels emerged as a result of continual innovation to compete with the success of TikTok. So, what exactly is it, and how is it different from Instagram stories or TikTok?

On August 5, 2020, Instagram launched Reels in 50 countries worldwide as a response to TikTok. Reels are 15 to 30-second videos comprising multiple clips. They appear on a Reels page within an Instagram profile and on the Explore page, offering an immersive and interactive form of content that can boost a company’s following.


Reels Ads: All You Need to Know

In June 2021, advertisements on the reels became available.

According to Instagram, Reels is the ideal place to reach out to individuals who don’t follow you and to be noticed globally.

Unlike Organic Reels, you submit a video of up to 60 seconds in length. If the user does not scroll any farther, the movie will loop. The user may also engage with your audience by liking, commenting, saving, and sharing your advertising.

If you opt to advertise on Reels, make sure the creative matches what the user expects to see when they browse Reels. Instagram has its own in-app Music Library in addition to all the ‘trending songs’ – you can use the music as well as the transition effects to make an eye catchy reel.

According to Meta, Instagram Reels advertisements can reach up to 675.3 million people.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing Instagram Reels Advertising Like a Pro:

1. How do Instagram Reels Advertising Work?

It allows creators and businesses to expand their reach to a wider audience, including users who may not have previously followed them. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses seeking a global audience.

Reels will appear between individual Reels on the Reels tab and the Reels Explore feed, much like how Stories ads are displayed.

It can be full-screen, vertical, or looping, and when users tap on the reel in the Reels tab or Explore feed, they will be taken to a viewer that only displays vertical reels.

The duration cannot exceed 30 seconds. Since users can comment, like, share, and bookmark these ads, engagement will likely to increased. Additionally, if a particular Reel has the opposite effect, users can skip the ad or even choose to hide or report it using the menu if they find it particularly unappealing.

2. How to Make the Most of Instagram Reels Advertising

Given that Reels produce 22% more engagement than ordinary Instagram video posts and that six out of ten Gen Z TikTok users want to spend more time interacting with Reels, you’ll want to employ every technique in your arsenal to maximize the Instagram Reels Advertising feature. Here’s how –

 a. Boost your Reels

In 2022, Instagram introduced a new update that allowed businesses to build Boosted Reels to help them reach more viewers and generate more engagement. A Reel that has been boosted appears in the feed, Stories, Reels page, and Explore tab.

Nevertheless, not all Reels can be boosted. Only reels that are less than 60 seconds long and have an aspect ratio of 9:16 (that is, are filmed vertically in full-screen format) will be considered. Also, no GIFs, copyrighted music, camera filters, or interactive stickers can be included in the Reel. Finally, if it has already been uploaded on Facebook, it will be ineligible for boosting.

If your reel satisfies these requirements and you want to investigate this possibility, all you have to do is locate the reel you want to enhance in your grid and select Boost Post. Next, remember to evaluate your data to see which advertisements elicited the most engagement.

It is projected that Instagram will have 2.5 billion Monthly Active Users in 2023. 

b. Integrate Instagram Reels into Your Ad Manager Campaigns

Another approach to incorporating Instagram Reels into your sponsored marketing efforts is through Ad Manager campaigns.

After creating your ad, navigate to the Ad Manager (you’ll need an Instagram business account to do this) and click “Create”. Then, select the objective you want to achieve by placing the ad on Instagram Reels. You can choose from the following objectives for Reels ads:

    • Reach
    • Brand awareness
    • Traffic
    • Video views
    • App installations
    • Conversions

Once you have set your business goals, complete additional ad campaign elements such as target audience, budget, and timeline. Then, select “Manual Placements” and choose Instagram Reels from the drop-down menu next to Stories.

You can also customize the call-to-action prompt based on the type of ad and its objective. For example, if you’re offering a subscription, it would make more sense to choose “Sign Up” or “Learn More” instead of something like “Shop Now”.

47.84% of the world’s 4.18 billion smartphone users access Instagram every month.

3. Add subtitles, text, and audio

Adding audio to your Reels content is a great way to make it stand out from the rest of the material published on Instagram. However, it’s important to remember that you must use music without any copyright issues.

Additionally, although music can help bring your post alive, many Instagram users have their sound turned off when scrolling through their feed. Therefore, adding subtitles and on-screen text can be an effective way to make sure that your message reaches everyone in your target audience, including those who may be hearing impaired. By taking into account these various elements, you will create an inclusive piece of content that appeals to a wider range of viewers.

4. Keeping it fun and original

Instagram Reels Advertising, as an alternative to TikTok, should be all about having fun. Use your imagination and concentrate on your brand’s lighter side. Avoid seeming excessively promotional, or your viewers will lose interest and move on to the next ad (remember the platform gives them that option).

Although Instagram Reels is similar to TikTok, it’s important not to simply repurpose your old TikToks. Doing so may decrease your chances of appearing in the Reels Explore feed.

5. Use Hashtags

Including relevant hashtags in your Instagram Reels can be beneficial in many ways. It can help increase reach and interaction, as well as create brand recognition. An easy way to do this is by using branded hashtags that reflect your company’s beliefs and values, or other related hashtags that are pertinent to the content of your Reel. This serves to show viewers that you care about issues that matter to them, such as transparency and social justice, which are becoming increasingly popular topics.

If you use more than 11 hashtags on a post, then you are going to have 79% more interactions.

You can also check out what your competitors and influencers are doing for hashtag ideas. You may even look at other social networks like TikTok to gain insight into what trends are currently popular. As there is a strong rivalry between Instagram Reels and TikTok, it can be helpful to stay up-to-date with what’s hot on both platforms. By taking advantage of these strategies, you can ensure that more people see and engage with your content while also building a strong brand presence online.

6. Instagram Reels insight

Analyzing data analytics is crucial for your social media marketing campaigns. You can easily assess the success of your campaigns by using services like Hootsuite, which provides useful metrics such as reach, engagement rate, plays, likes, shares, and ad comments on a user-friendly dashboard.


If you have a business account, you can also access Instagram’s own app to gather insights on your Reels content. These insights can help you evaluate your content’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

It’s important to double-check your conclusions to gain a better understanding of what your audience reacts to best. You can use this information to optimize your calls to action, filters, effects, audio, and text for future content.

Whether you choose to promote your Reels or incorporate them into your sponsored campaigns through Ads Manager, both methods can help you expand your reach and achieve your business objectives.