Griffon Webstudios Explores the 2024 New York Design Build Expo

Last February 13-14th, our team at Griffon Webstudios had the pleasure of attending New York’s most extensive construction and design show of the year. The New York Build Expo was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. It hosted hundreds of presenters, booths, and thousands of attendees.

As a part of our commitment to ensuring only the latest technologies and digital designs for all our clients, we wanted to take a moment and celebrate the success of this visit. Between the many conferences, workshops, and fascinating people we connected with, we discussed unique ideas with many design, construction, and architecture firms.

Here are a few of the interesting teams we were able to share some moments with.


Handcrafted Iron Doors

Featuring a 7,500-square-foot warehouse and showroom in Sarasota, Florida, Handcrafted Iron Doors is a veteran of the custom design space. They create beautiful doors from elegant hand-forged works to the security measures your business needs to stay safe.

Helios Facade

Helios Facade specializes in providing innovative and sustainable facade solutions, enhancing the aesthetic and functional value of buildings with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. Helios products offer more tax credits and financial incentives than any other BIPV option.

Turf Tek USA

Bringing the power, functionality, and beauty of synthetic grass and turf to New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, this is a 100% Made in the USA company. They offer a proprietary engineered installation system that is safe, effective, and works for residential, commercial, and municipal needs.



The next time you’re looking for architectural glass and associated aluminum products, consider the team at Technoglass. Since 1984, they have brought highly durable materials that infuse emerging technologies into glass that exceed customer expectations.

Score Spray Foam

Need a way to lower your monthly energy builds or eliminate those pesky winter drafts inside your home? Score Spray Foam provides a safe, effective, and easy-to-install solution around the New York area.


Cove Tool

By combining the intuitive power of AI (artificial intelligence) with sustainable building design, the team at Cove Tool helps connect all teams working on new design projects. Their set of cloud-based network tools boosts everything from the initial design to pre-construction cycles. This is an exceptional company for reducing risk while maximizing productivity.


ABTECH thrives as one of the leading Leica Geosystems distributors in North America. They focus on the entire USA (with new operations in the Northeast) and parts of Canada. Since 1996, their cutting-edge tech solution has empowered businesses of all sizes.

Bargain Moulding

Modern home and business design doesn’t need to be restricted by budgetary concerns. Beautiful finishes and personalized touches are possible through PVC trim boards supplied through Bargain Moulding in New York. With two in-person showrooms and a variety of products to explore, this is a reliable provider of custom mouldings.



Featuring an incredible history in innovative R&D products, Velosit uses German-made construction materials that improve modern construction techniques. This includes the novel Velosit Binder Formula, which helps with cementitious mortars, waterproofing, and self-leveling products.

Bright Lighting USA

Founded in 1989, the product and solution range from Bright Lighting USA is incredible. They feature a full-scale engineering and fabrication wing that allows for custom-made lighting as well as a comprehensive set of indoor, outdoor, and specialty lighting products.

Concrete Washout Systems

Serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, Concrete Washout Systems provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to legacy worksite locations. This allows your construction project to align more with current green initiatives through safe, responsible, and EPA-recommended processes.


The next time you’re looking for fiberglass exterior doors, consider the brilliant team at DOORMAX. As a leading door manufacturer and wholesaler, they supply many of the home building stores, contractors, distributors, and others in the building industry. All of their doors carry a 5-year limited warranty!

VitalCheck Wellness

VitalCheck is the team behind many of the service models and technologies you’ll find in local healthcare providers. They thrive on building up medical facilities and units through in-person and virtual solutions that cover everything from coordination of care to comprehensive health management.



There were so many other companies and teams we had the chance to meet with at the expo. We highly encourage anyone in the design and architectural space to attend 2025’s upcoming New York Build Expo, which is slated to be held March 12- 13 at the same location.

Until then, from all of our team members at Griffon Webstudios, thank you for the wonderful conversations, shared design discussions, and insights into all the future has to hold in this exciting industry. If you’d like to connect with us at Griffon Webstudios, be sure to contact our team for consulting, new projects, and professional insights.

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of SEO in the Bustling NYC Market

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of SEO in the Bustling New York Market

New York City and the surrounding area are full of a vibrant community of shoppers, business owners, and international clients. This is one of the most diverse areas because it is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and beliefs. That diversity is exactly what you need to leverage when considering SEO in New York.

You will run into competition in New York. Every single day, new businesses are cropping up in boroughs around everything from selling typewriter ribbons to offering augmented reality online travel services. That range of specialization requires laser-focused SEO practices. You need to stay on the cutting edge of current industry trends and test out different methodologies to find what will work best for your brand to resonate with your target audience.

The need for a more comprehensive and agile strategy comes with that intense competition. As you consider how to best adapt your SEO in NY strategy, consider:

Local keywords

While emphasizing a “Chinese restaurant in NY” keyword phrase may have worked 5 or 10 years ago, today you need something way more precise. Local keywords specific to your service area, competitive advantage, or cultural demographic may work better.

Niche Marketing

Speaking of specialization, lean into your industry at the niche level. Don’t be a general toy store. Be a provider of exclusive learning toys designed and built by Norwegian artisans.

Mobile SEO

New York is always alive with millions of workers, tourists, and residents. Meet that need by ensuring all your SEO efforts are mobile-responsive (fast-loading pages, mobile-friendly design, image optimization, etc.).

Quality First

Google loves a website that focuses on quality over quantity. Stuffing your web page with keywords is not going to work anymore. You want quality content that engages your target audience and meets their specific search needs.

Use Social Media

Keywords do not end at your website. Adapt your SEO in NY strategy to include social media platforms, email marketing, and other digital touchpoints with your audience. Not only does this help with continuity, but it ensures you are providing an omnichannel approach to capturing more leads.


While you’re improving your SEO, watch your reputation. For example, if you are using your Google My Business profile (and you should be!), look out for reviews or incorrect information that could negatively affect your business. These may also inform the “negative keywords” you want to include in your SEO.

Finally, focus on link building. This is more than getting your business listed in local directories or through paid advertising. You want high-quality blogs, websites, social accounts, and other sources to link back to your local business. The more links you have pointing to your products and services, the higher your organic search engine results with Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and social media platforms.

The challenge of NYC is that it is ever-changing and dynamic. To keep up with this market, you must have a professional team that also watches the ebbs and flows of the online world. That is where hiring our team at Griffon Webstudios can help. We have spent years succeeding in the Big Apple and understand the industry from all aspects. Our SEO in NY strategies are fully customized to the short and long-term goals of our clients. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss how we can help you!

Crafting a Successful Digital Brand in the New York Market

Crafting a Successful Digital Brand in the New York Market

Over 8.4 million people are swarming the streets of New York City every single day. To say that there is a lot of human interaction is a massive understatement. If you want to stand out with a new digital brand targeting even a minor segment of this population, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Every digital marketing effort we propose from Griffon Webstudios is tailored to the unique needs of our clients. While we work and grow in NYC, it certainly helps to adjust how your strategy for online promotion will work. We suggest starting with:


1. Social media

Using eye-catching videos and visuals helps differentiate your brand from the competition. Given the vast sea of content available, you want to go with TikTok, Facebook, X, and Instagram. How we help is by promoting these networks through ads and organic optimization that includes tying back to your website so when you do go viral, you’re ready.

2. PPC Ads

When it comes to digital marketing, few methods are as direct and quantifiable as Pay-per-click (PPC). The beauty of PPC lies in the power of precise keyword targeting. By harnessing long-tail keywords such as “pizza in Lower Manhattan” or “apartment to buy in Brooklyn,” marketers can achieve a sniper-like focus on their audience.

3. Gamification

New York is tough to succeed in without some slant or angle to your marketing efforts. You need to inform and entertain your target audience. Gamification, or the art of turning marketing campaigns into rewarding games, fits the bill perfectly. Make every ad, post, and content page a game or adventure for viewers to enjoy. Take them on a journey, and you’ll gain way more interest.

72% of overall marketing budgets get put towards digital marketing channels.- Wordstream

4. Word of Mouth: Customer Referral Programs

New Yorkers love the insider knowledge of personal referrals. Despite the digital transformation, the age-old word-of-mouth retains its potent charm. People will put more trust capital into your online brand when you integrate some form of customer referral program. Something as simple as a 10% off coupon for throwing a friend your way can do a lot for your bottom line.

5. Email Automation

Right along with referral programs is getting the news out about your specific offers through email automation. The trick lies in segmenting your audience and continually growing your email list. Businesses can maintain consistent customer engagement by crafting high-quality mailers that resonate and add genuine value. Most importantly, you can scale quickly. That way, when your pop-up noodle shop gets big on Instagram, your email automation schedule goes into hyperdrive to respond to demand.

6. Geolocation/Local SEO

In the city that never sleeps, time is of the essence. When anyone does a search for “nearby hotdog stands,” they don’t want to search through endless web pages related to Montreal, San Francisco, or Dallas, Texas. You need to integrate local SEO keywords throughout your website content, so you are easily identifiable as a locally run NYC business.

Need Help?

Building a robust digital presence in New York’s fiercely competitive market is no small feat. However, success is within reach with the right strategies and a keen understanding of the local audience. Behind every workable digital marketing strategy is an expert team, like Griffon Webstudios, that can leverage modern SEO techniques, social media platforms, and precise targeting to transform your online advertising, making your brand shine brighter in the Big Apple.

Contact us today, and let’s develop a unique strategy tailored to your business, audience, and local insights. As a New York-based business, we understand your challenges ahead and can help improve your odds of succeeding in the Big Apple.