5 Practices to Increase Mobile App Engagement


Companies have embraced mobile app marketing, and they need to ensure that mobile device users are using their applications. As a business, you must ensure that Mobile app development consultants adopt the following methods to achieve an increase in mobile app engagement.

Focus on App Usability and Improved UX

The first impression of the user when using your mobile app will greatly determine whether he/she will revisit again. If the application creates a bad impression, the user will instantly uninstall it.

UI Design
To ensure that the user keeps using the application, ask your mobile app development consultant to make certain that he creates an app that allows a great user experience from the moment the app is downloaded.

During mobile app development stages, your developers should target simplifying all the aspects so that mobile app user does not have to read a lot of instructions to be able to use your mobile app. The application should be easy to use with minimal need for support.

Embrace Push Notification in Applications

Push notifications act as reminders to the mobile app users and therefore will improve app engagement. To increase mobile app engagement, use push notifications appropriately. Don’t send too many notifications, but send them moderately.

Push notifications mobile appMobile app users are easily annoyed with apps sending too many unnecessary and irrelevant push notifications. During mobile app development, always make sure that your developer gives the users an option of subscribing to app notifications. It is good to ensure the notifications are helpful and not just junk information that mobile users may not be interested in.

Social Media Sharing

Make use of the social media links on the application. This has to be done during mobile app development so that users can share the information in your app with their social media networks.

social media sharing

This will generate some extra traffic to your application. This option will be better if you consider asking new users who find your mobile application through the link to install it before or after reading the material sent through the app.


Creating marketing campaigns for your application will greatly drive installs for your mobile application and increase user engagement. You can advertise through social media or in other applications. The motive of your ads should be to engage advertisement of your products should at least direct customers to download the application and let them know that it can be used to communicate with you.

fbThe best alternative way to achieve mobile app user engagement is through display ads on search results and websites. Offer discounts for the first items bought through your mobile application to attract users.

App Tracking Tools

After mobile app development, it is important that you install tracking code so that you are able to track what users do and how they engage through your app. Using this you can send customized push notifications reminding the users to come back and resume sessions. 

Mobile Apps have become increasingly competitive today. Companies across industries are targeting users through mobile app marketing. Apps account for 89% of the mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. Follow the guidelines above to keep the mobile app users engaged.

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