How to Bring That Creative Spark into Your Branding

How to Bring That Creative Spark into Your Branding

How many times have you revised your last branding campaign? You may never know if you actually got it right. You can measure outcomes and improve features on your next campaign, but we all know branding is not an easy aspect of any business. There are so many factors to keep in mind from marketing mediums to audience preferences to what your message should really be.

With so much to consider you run the risk of doing something, you should preferably avoid: overthinking.

While it’s important to plan, overthinking can rob your campaign of all creativity. Your marketing may end up looking just like your competitors because you’re doing what the research tells you to. And you’re not standing out from the crowd anymore.

We’ll help you add some creativity back into your branding so you have the X-factor counting in your favor again.

Why is Creativity Important?

Never before has branding been this competitive. With modern technology, any business can reach a global audience. Consumers also face a daily barrage of information coming at them online, via TV screens, and on billboards. If they feel overwhelmed by all the stimulation, they can easily ignore what they deem irrelevant.

A creative approach is how you will make an impact in this highly competitive environment.

Adding the X-Factor to Your Branding

You can partner with expert marketers and hopefully, they will compile a customized branding solution to keep your message original. But there’s also a lot you can do yourself.

Get the Visuals Right from the Start

Get the Visuals Right from the Start

You can ensure an original, creative look by putting effort into compiling the visual elements of your brand:

  • The logo that will become the image you’re recognized by: Make sure it’s different from all your competitors’ images.
  • Colors you use in your branding: Because neuroscience proves that colors carry messages you need to make sure your branding incorporates the right hues.
  • Be personal and use faces: Despite being a tech-driven society people still desire to feel connected with others. Using your or your staff members’ faces in your branding campaigns will make your business seem less clinical than others.

Use Your Story

It’s not only your people that you can be creative about. What is your business’ story?

People enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves. In their daily lives, this adds to job satisfaction if they like the company they’re part of.

Your story

But don’t let it stop there. Use your company’s history to draw people when they’re shopping or in search of services:

  • Share how you dreamt about starting a company or providing a solution to the masses
  • Tell the story of starting small and growing into a large company
  • Talk about why you do what you do

This is not simply a ‘nice’ source of ideas for your next campaign. These elements work because people will want to be part of a success story and what you find important, many others may relate to as well.

Telling your story in this way ensures your brand will matter to others as much as it matters to you.

Show You Care

Remember that branding is not only about creating your logo for your business and plastering it on print materials. Branding involves communicating your values. These characteristics—such as professionalism or excellence—will garner respect from your audience who are similar of mind.

For many customers and companies, community involvement is a number one value. This should spark many creative ideas for sharing your brand with locals. Why not support local sports teams, organic markets, or community projects?

Or perhaps your value is being environmentally friendly or ensuring mental health for your employees. For example, when your brand relates to wellness (of people, nature, or a city) and you mention this in your marketing, those who have the same concerns will rather support you than your competitors.

Stories about your involvement can be shared online, so what you do locally can lead to global respect.

What Language are You Using?

Before you send out your next advertisement, pause a moment and look at the language you’re using. Different audiences have unique preferences and manners of speaking:

  • They use different words to refer to the same item
  • Some people talk more formal while others use casual terms
  • Age groups relate to different ‘slang’ words and references

Make sure you’re using the language your target audience uses. A few small tweaks to the type of words you use are creative ways of optimizing your branding impact.

So, for a moment stop overthinking and look. The features that can spark some creativity for your branding campaign can be found all around you. Marketing is a serious role player in your business success—but don’t forget to also have fun with it.

Google Ad Campaign Tips from Google Partners

Google Ad Campaign Tips from Google Partners

While some swear by using social media as their primary ad service, there is still extreme value in leveraging Google Ads to deliver quality messages to the target clients you want the most. The good news is that conducting a PPC review of your Google Ads campaign isn’t like opening a locked black box. All it takes is consistency and quality testing, and you could be experiencing a massive ROI for your ad spend.


The best way to get involved with Google Ads is to utilize the expertise of a company like Griffon Webstudios, a proud member of the Google Partners program. This means that Griffon has continued to meet the stringent requirements of certification, ad spend, and performance from Google.



To give you an idea, here are some simple tips to improve your Google Ad metrics from an agency with the knowledge, experience, and success in optimizing campaigns for successful results.


1- Start with Your Landing Page

It may seem counterintuitive, but the amount of clients and businesses that do not have a functional flow on their landing page that delivers the who, what, why, and value proposition of whatever they are selling is astounding. You could have the best framed Google Ad campaign in the world, but if you don’t have a solid landing page to close the sale, you’ll never get the numbers you want.


2- Don’t Forget Negative Keywords

When you are streamlining the tags and keywords you’re using for your ads, be sure to include negative keywords. You are actively informing Google what your product is not. This prevents your ads from running with searches that are not relevant to the target market you’re trying to reach. Most of the work of improving PPC review involves optimizing the keywords.


3- Testing is Essential

Google Ads are a great way to test different keyword phrases, titles, tags, and page descriptions for what is the most relevant. Don’t be afraid to get in the ring a bit and spread your spending over a few different campaigns until you find the ones that deliver the highest return for your ad spend.


4- Use the Whole Ad

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) matter a great deal to the Google Ads ecosystem. They provide your PPC review with an excellent way to craft a brand or product story that informs the client about all the details that may make the difference between a sale and passive interest. If you want your ads to appeal with more life from the text, be sure to use the entire ETA space with all the relevant information possible.


5- Local, Local, Local

We cannot stress this enough – the only good certified Google Partners to work with are the ones that understand the value in local SEO and geotagging. Google loves to give preferential treatment to a business providing products or services within the same geographic area of the consumer conducting the search. Leverage your local SEO at every turn.


Need More Help?

Running a successful Google Ads campaign takes a lot of experience and work. It means understanding the subtle nuances that can make the difference between outstanding success and another round of poor turnout. That is why working with our team at Griffon Webstudios is so beneficial.


We are a Google Partner certified agency that has managed hundreds of ad campaigns, driving more than $4 million in revenue for our business clients. Send us a note through our contact page to get started with our team. We are always looking to build new relationships and grow our client base.