Our Pick of Creative Ad Campaigns

Our Pick of Creative Ad Campaigns

Advertising is a powerful medium. It can make you laugh, cry and make you run to the store. It can grab your attention with just a few words or inspire you to change the world. There are many great creative ad campaigns that have done just that over the years and here are some of our favorites!

1. Dove’s “Real Beauty”

Dove is a personal care brand that produces body washes, hair products, and other skincare items. In 2004, the brand launched its “Real Beauty” campaign to encourage women to feel good about themselves. The campaign has been very successful and has won numerous awards for its positive message. It featured women of all shapes and sizes showing skin in ways that were directly contradictory to the accepted beauty styles of the time.

It may seem odd now with so much more acceptance in today’s world, but in 2004, this was both controversial and empowering.

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a worldwide marketing campaign launched by Unilever in 2004 aiming to build self-confidence in women and young children. Dove’s partners in the campaign included Ogilvy, Edelman Public Relations, and Harbinger Communications along with other consultants. Wikipedia

2. Skittles “Taste the Rainbow”

Skittles is a brand of fruit-flavored, colored sugar-coated candy manufactured by the Wrigley Company. Skittles’ advertising is often colorful and whimsical. The unique part of this campaign is that the slogan is what sticks in people’s minds. No matter the content of each individual commercial, everyone thinks of tasting a rainbow when they share or eat the candy treat.

In 1994, the slogan “Taste the Rainbow” was introduced and became one of the longest running advertising campaigns in history. The entire theme of the Skittles company was created by D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, a New York advertising agency. Today, Skittles are loved in over 65 countries.


Budweiser “Wassup”

Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000 featured a new commercial from the beer giant where friends were calling one another with a simple question – Wassup? This ridiculous way of talking to one another has been repeated in movies, TV shows, and podcasts ever since, becoming a cultural phenomenon attached to the brand, and growing its market recognition.

Whassup? (also known as Wazzup) was a commercial campaign for Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer from 1999 to 2002. The first spot aired during Monday Night Football on December 20, 1999. The ad campaign ran in much of the world and became a pop culture catchphrase, comically slurring “what’s up?”.

Always “Like a Girl”

This was an ad campaign meant to change how girls are perceived. It’s a movement that encourages girls to be strong, brave, and confident.

In this particular ad, the narrator asks you to describe what you think of when someone uses the phrase “like a girl.” Most people say something mean like “weak” or “stupid,” but then she shows that it’s actually insulting when you’re in your own mind and body, as well as other women who don’t fit into society’s idea of what an attractive woman should look like. This is another campaign that bucked social norms and forced us to rethink how we talk about each other.

the hashtag #likeagirl became a trending topic and women all over the world wrote about their habits and the things they do like girls! So it does look like “Always” succeeded in making a small change and raising awareness on how wrongly society sometimes treats women.


Six Flags “Dancing Man”

From 2004 to 2010, Six Flags theme parks used Mr. Six, an elderly man wearing a tuxedo with thick-framed glasses, as their brand mascot. That may seem an odd choice for a park mostly populated with a younger audience, but you have to remember the advertisements.

When a multicolored bus pulls up in front of a suburban neighborhood, and a bald old man in a tux starts a high-energy dance routine to “We Like to Party” playing in the background – you take notice.

Volvo “The Epic Split”

Van Damme’s commercial is a creative masterpiece. Not only does he use his famous martial arts moves, but also he manages to add humor and some great choreography. The piece was so popular that it went viral on YouTube and was talked about for months later. When you consider this was a B2B ad and not for the general public to promote Volvo trucks, it is pretty impressive.

Creative Ad Campaigns Create Memories

Creative ad campaigns can be fun and memorable. They can also be a great way to build brand equity, help a company stand out from the competition, promote a new product or service, or promote a cause.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish—and whether or not you have the budget for an expensive campaign—creative thinking will take your advertising efforts to new heights. That is exactly what we promote at Griffon Webstudios. We love to introduce a bit of fun into our ad campaigns and designs to ensure your brands get better recognition and remembrance with your target audience. Set up a consultation today, and let’s start brainstorming!

Google Ad Campaign Tips from Google Partners

Google Ad Campaign Tips from Google Partners

While some swear by using social media as their primary ad service, there is still extreme value in leveraging Google Ads to deliver quality messages to the target clients you want the most. The good news is that conducting a PPC review of your Google Ads campaign isn’t like opening a locked black box. All it takes is consistency and quality testing, and you could be experiencing a massive ROI for your ad spend.


The best way to get involved with Google Ads is to utilize the expertise of a company like Griffon Webstudios, a proud member of the Google Partners program. This means that Griffon has continued to meet the stringent requirements of certification, ad spend, and performance from Google.



To give you an idea, here are some simple tips to improve your Google Ad metrics from an agency with the knowledge, experience, and success in optimizing campaigns for successful results.


1- Start with Your Landing Page

It may seem counterintuitive, but the amount of clients and businesses that do not have a functional flow on their landing page that delivers the who, what, why, and value proposition of whatever they are selling is astounding. You could have the best framed Google Ad campaign in the world, but if you don’t have a solid landing page to close the sale, you’ll never get the numbers you want.


2- Don’t Forget Negative Keywords

When you are streamlining the tags and keywords you’re using for your ads, be sure to include negative keywords. You are actively informing Google what your product is not. This prevents your ads from running with searches that are not relevant to the target market you’re trying to reach. Most of the work of improving PPC review involves optimizing the keywords.


3- Testing is Essential

Google Ads are a great way to test different keyword phrases, titles, tags, and page descriptions for what is the most relevant. Don’t be afraid to get in the ring a bit and spread your spending over a few different campaigns until you find the ones that deliver the highest return for your ad spend.


4- Use the Whole Ad

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) matter a great deal to the Google Ads ecosystem. They provide your PPC review with an excellent way to craft a brand or product story that informs the client about all the details that may make the difference between a sale and passive interest. If you want your ads to appeal with more life from the text, be sure to use the entire ETA space with all the relevant information possible.


5- Local, Local, Local

We cannot stress this enough – the only good certified Google Partners to work with are the ones that understand the value in local SEO and geotagging. Google loves to give preferential treatment to a business providing products or services within the same geographic area of the consumer conducting the search. Leverage your local SEO at every turn.


Need More Help?

Running a successful Google Ads campaign takes a lot of experience and work. It means understanding the subtle nuances that can make the difference between outstanding success and another round of poor turnout. That is why working with our team at Griffon Webstudios is so beneficial.


We are a Google Partner certified agency that has managed hundreds of ad campaigns, driving more than $4 million in revenue for our business clients. Send us a note through our contact page to get started with our team. We are always looking to build new relationships and grow our client base.

Google Ads Vs Social Media Ads

Google Ads vs. Social Media Ads – What’s Best for My Business?

Trying to get as many high-quality eyes on your website can be a real challenge for even the most desirable service or product. It doesn’t matter if you are selling the keys to the Fountain of Youth. If you cannot get the foot traffic, you won’t have reliable revenue pouring into your online business.

That is why many owners and operators turn to social media or Google ads experts that can elevate the visibility of any brand and encourage more lead acquisition. You don’t necessarily have to participate in a “pay to play” business model, but if you want a reliable method of securing a growing market share, you will most likely have to do some online advertising.

What is the Difference?

Every business has unique needs that require customized solutions. There are many different social media platforms that can benefit your business. You don’t need to use all of them. In fact, many digital brand strategists would suggest sticking to the 1-3 social media platforms more related to your industry. If you have a lot of video content, you may want YouTube or TikTok. If you have great photos, Instagram or Facebook may be best.

Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and allows you to target ads to those users with precise demographics or characteristics. Using a social media ads expert gives you great insights into CTR information, especially when combined with a pixel or tracking device to see who is clicking on your ads the most. Social media offers a better CTR than Google.

Google is the leading search engine in the world. Where social media targets specific user groups, Google gives you a much broader audience and allows you to remarket your campaigns, especially those that add something to their cart from your site and then don’t follow through on the purchase.

What You Need to Consider?

Whether trying to leverage keywords with Google ads or getting the social proof you need to generate UGC with social media ads, the real determining factors are going to be based on you and your business. You need to ask a few questions like:

    1. What is my budget and the cost of running these ads?
    2. Do I have the knowledge to do these campaigns on my own?
    3. How easy is it to use Google ads or social media ads?
    4. Will I know how to restructure and test my ad campaigns from returning data?
    5. Is my business primarily SEO-based or social media-based?
    6. Where do my best customer profiles hang out online?

And more!

That is why the often best solution is to combine the two strategies. It is just like investing in the stock market. You may love Tesla, Disney, or Amazon to death, but putting all your eggs in one basket could lead to a lot of eggshells on the ground. Diversifying your ad campaigns between both Google and social media is a great way to grow your brand online.

Where to Get Started?

If you are ready to make the leap into digital advertising, why not speak to the Google ads experts and social media ads experts at Griffon Webstudios? We have years of experience navigating the different platforms and campaigns available that can help your band reach those consumers who are most likely to engage your services or make a purchase from your store. Schedule a meeting with the team today and watch your revenues soar!