Why Companies Turn To Digital Marketing To Survive The Crisis.

The alarming reports of a looming economic crisis have sent business owners into panic mode. A lot of businesses are bracing for impact by making budget cuts and altering their current marketing strategies.

Businesses that are smart enough to still advertise during this period are relying heavily on digital marketing to promote their products and services. This is mainly because of the following:

1. It is Cost-Effective:

One of the major reasons a lot of companies turn to Digital marketing is because of how cost-effective it is to promote their goods and services. There are a variety of digital marketing tactics that cost less, but also yield high results.

This is most especially important during an economic downturn when business owners want to save costs, reduce spending and receive high ROI.

2. It is Measurable:

Another reason why companies turn to digital marketing is that all their online campaigns can be measured in real-time.

This measurability informs them of the tactics that are working and those that are not working. With this important information, they can proceed to modify or alter their online marketing campaigns for maximum success.

3. Precise Targeting:

An aspect of digital marketing that makes it very appealing to business owners, is its ability to target and reach their ideal audience.

Accurate targeting allows businesses to get more out of their marketing and advertising resources. This way a business owner is confident knowing that personalized messaging and content will be seen by their preferred audience. 

More than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at the start of 2020

For businesses to thrive in the current landscape caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there is a need for new creative and innovative business models.

Although these are uncertain times, you should remember that the current situation will not last forever. As the outbreak is contained and things slowly return back to normal, you do not want to be left struggling to regain any lost revenue.

Promoting your products and services at this time may not be easy, but it is crucial to sustain revenue flow and spur growth. In addition, a lot of businesses are relying heavily on digital marketing during this crisis because of the endless opportunities it presents.


Ways To Do Smart And Responsible Marketing During Covid-19

The unprecedented circumstances caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put the entire globe on edge.

As at the time of writing, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected more than 2,000,000 people in 185 countries/regions and resulted in over a hundred thousand deaths. There is no vaccine yet for this novel virus which makes it more dangerous and difficult to manage.

It’s rapid and continuous spread prompted governments to announce sweeping measures to contain and control the disease. This response resulted in the closure of schools, public spaces, commercial centers, businesses, and borders.

Even though the containment measures were for a good cause, they have restricted the free flow of people, goods, and services. In effect disrupting valuable supply chains, impeding trade and stalling economic growth on a global scale.

The world is now having to deal with both a health and financial crisis. Virtually every individual, business and region is feeling the impact.

It is evident that businesses are the most impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown due to a significant drop in sales.

As a business owner, you are probably looking for ways to survive this period of great uncertainty and abrupt change in the normal state of affairs.

We completely understand this and have put together smart ways for you to effectively promote your products and services, especially during this crisis.

Ways To Perform Smart Or Responsible Marketing.

The financial uncertainty and alarming reports of an economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic sent business owners scrambling for cover. A lot of businesses are now making budget costs and scaling back on their marketing/advertising efforts as sales fall and revenue dips.

However, this move could prove to be harmful to your business in the long run rather than helpful. Cutting your marketing efforts means cutting connections with potential customers who can help you weather the storm. There are a variety of efficient ways for you to still promote your products and services for less than half the original price. Below are some of those ways and helpful tips on how you could apply them.

1. Connect with your customers on social media:

Businesses and individuals alike are feeling the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The containment measures put in place to disrupt the disease spread is affecting the livelihoods of millions.

People cannot go about their daily lives as usual. These are tough times filled with uncertainty over the future. You need to be sensitive and show that you truly care about the well-being of your precious customers.

Social media is a great platform to accomplish this task as a lot of people will be turning to their social media feeds scanning for updates and interesting content. This is the perfect time for you to show empathy with your posts, rather than bombarding your feeds with never-ending product or service promotions.

The current situation is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out by being relatable. During these difficult times, consumers tend to lean towards brands that are relatable and not sales.

It is important for you to balance staying in touch with your customers, promoting your brand and also contributing to relief efforts. A smart move would be for you to donate a certain percentage of revenue from a particular sale to food banks, charitable organizations or relief programs.

Showing empathy and supporting good deeds, can generate much-needed buzz and exposure around your brand.

2. Increase your online presence:

There has been a surge in internet use as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. The various stay-at-home and shelter in place orders mean more people will be using the internet to work, communicate and entertain themselves.

According to early statistics, internet use has risen between 50% to 70% as millions of people are now spending more time online than ever before. Internet traffic is on the increase and it is expected to rise with the extension of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Millions of individuals are glued to their computers, tablet, and mobile devices searching for the latest updates,  entertainment, and products/services they need. With the massive consumption of digital content, you need to increase your brand’s online presence.

67,000 searches are performed on Google every second.

A smart move would be to use search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve high rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs), increase your visibility and gain organic traffic.

You need to put yourself in a position where you can easily be found. With the countless number of options available on the web, your business needs to be at the forefront or else you lose out.

Consumers will still need a variety of products and services even when they are at home. Your main focus should be on applying the right digital marketing strategy that will surface your business to potential customers who need your products or services.

3. Retarget existing customers:

While it is very important for you to acquire new customers, it is also essential that you retarget previous ones. It is easier for you to convince your existing audience to buy from you again than it is for new customers.

An existing customer already has experience interacting with your brand and using your product or services. This means that they are aware of your product or service capability to satisfy their needs.

Ad Spend on E-Commerce Doubled in the US in Period Between Mid-February And Early-March

During the COVID-19 lockdown, you want to always remain in the mind of your audience. You can accomplish this undertaking through a variety of different techniques like marketing automation, incentive campaigns and so on.

Marketing automation refers to the use of high-quality software to automate all your digital marketing campaigns and repetitive tasks. It can help to organize your potential and existing customers based on several demographic and psychographic factors.

You can then develop hyper-personalized messaging to target each individual audience segment. The goal is to nurture, warm and ready your leads for a sale, turn a one time buyer into a lifetime customer or attract an existing customer.

Marketing automation workflows allow you to save time, increase customer happiness and boost your revenue. Some examples of marketing automation are reminder emails, newsletters, personalized product recommendations, etc. Personalized email or text messaging is very effective in nurturing a relationship as well as engaging leads with your product.

Another technique to retain your existing customer base is through incentive campaigns. This move involves attracting them with discounts, free deliveries, early access to new products and other special offers.

These incentives can help to build and improve customer loyalty even as they remain glued, looking forward to better offers from your brand.


10 Reasons your Marketing Plan Should Go Beyond Social Media

Social media is a relatively new kid on the block regarding marketing. Providing businesses with a low barrier of entry and cost with enticing conversion rates. The days of the influencer are upon us with notable internet celebrity packing a significant marketing punch.

While some may be ready to push their chips all in on Social Media marketing, we implore you to consider these ten vital reasons to extend your marketing beyond the confines of a selfie made platform.

1. Declining Reach

You can’t blame us for reaching for the sky. With our heads and pictures securely floating in the nebulous cloud, it is only natural to latch on to the supported platforms. Driven to popularity by an unprecedented engagement rate Social Media marketing is an enticing avenue. Though 2019 has shown that the avenue may be shrinking. Organic traffic to marketing posts is in a steady decline impacting your overall reach.

social media marketing2. Crowded Market

Have you ever braved a trip to the brick and mortar stores on Black Friday? Surrounded on every side by people trying to get their hands on the same products as you, with hardly enough room to breathe?  Social Media marketing suffers from overcrowding, as more and more competitors join the platform it can be harder to establish a presence.

3. Attention Retention

Social Media marketing remains a viable method of grabbing audience attention. However, recent studies have shown a decrease in awareness retention when compared to other marketing methods.

4. The View from a Blind Eye

As consumers become more familiar with Social Media marketing, they become more adept at turning a blind eye. They are able to tune out unwanted advertisements at an increasingly effective rate, impacting conversions and the efficiency that once championed the platform.

5. Increasing Cost

A steady increase in cost to operate Social Media campaigns is a direct result of their effectiveness. Unfortunately, as previously stated that effectiveness has seen a substantial dip over the past year. Making the cost per conversion closer to direct marketing competitors.

6. Lack of Brand Loyalty

The enamored effect earned by an inspired ad seldom lasts. A recently conducted poll points toward millennial disinterest in brand loyalty. They are inspired by the product of the moment rather than the company behind it.

7. Long-term Promotion

Retaining significant mindshare over a lasting period of time is the goal of every marketing campaign. However, Social Media Marketing is highly susceptible to rapid decreases in efficiency over time. Making long-term promotion an expensive undertaking.

8. Social Media Push-back

2019 has been a historic year of inspired movements gaining momentum. While many great causes have found increased awareness, Social Media marketers should be cautious. Millennials have expressed a desire to move on from prominent social platforms. A troubling development for those relying on the platform as their sole source of marketing.   

9.  The Double-edged Sword, Brand Image

While Social Media Marketing has proven an invaluable tool in the hands of professionals, it can be equally as detrimental to inexperienced users. One mistake can destroy your brand.

10. Tired Marketing Strategy

Social Media marketing runs rampant with copied marketing strategies. Businesses are looking to emulate the success of a competitor by emulating their every move. This practice has led to redundancy within the industry. Utilizing a rinse, wash, repeat template of uninspired marketing methods.


Emerging eCommerce Trends that will Dominate in 2020

eCommerce has exploded in popularity over the last few years as a growing market with exponential potential. As 2019 comes to a close, ushering in a new decade, we found it fitting to set our sights on the future of eCommerce and the trends that will catapult those to the top of their markets. Join us as we predict our 2020 visions.

Subscription model

Subscription models have dominated the eCommerce space. Offering customers, a grouping of products under an umbrella of interest, is not a new concept by any means. However, the use of the subscription model allowed sellers to capture an expanding base of users, from those intrigued by the upcoming delivery and those who forgot they were subscribed. We believe the trend will continue into 2020. 

While incorporating the ever-buzzy internet of things. For those unfamiliar, it is the interaction of electronics into neighboring ecosystems, such as a fridge able to place an online Walmart order. Thereby streamlining the purchasing process while offering consumers the convenience they so desperately crave. The internet of things represents a renewed opportunity to engage with customers on various platforms.

Experts project a significant metric of online sales that will occur on new hardware integration such as cars, appliances, and devices with voice integration. Bridging the intent to purchase with the product used to perform the purchase. Integrated marketplaces utilizing the vast capability of the internet of things.

E-commerce in 2020

eCommerce was popularized by offering products with a personalized touch. Customized products circumvent the competition by leveraging personal interest to increase the value of product rarity. We believe that this point to a future fueled by a personalized approach. 2020 will see an increase in targeted marketing. As more companies adopt a Business to Customer model or B2C, utilizing tracked data to identify purchase intent will become common practice.

Consumers will be directed towards products within their umbrella of interest at an increasing rate, further cementing eCommerce as the industry’s conversion rate champions. This personalized approach will also consolidate the shopping experience. Customers expect retailers to provide a unified transaction process across multiple disciplines. The marketplace will adjust to meet those expectations by integrating channels into a singular touchpoint. 

Customer demands will also be reflected in the representation of products. Today’s consumer is inundated by visual stimulation. Social media platforms reinforce this trend of communication through imagery. We noticed a trend over the past year as more buying power is afforded to millennials engaging in the workforce. A drastic increase in the reliance upon visual product representation continues into 2020 at an alarming rate. Causing eCommerce to adopt a visual-centric approach.

We believe renders and imagery will dictate product sales figures like never before. Positive image reinforcement is a cornerstone of eCommerce and shows no signs of stopping.

73% of consumers will switch from a poorly designed mobile site to one that makes purchasing easier. (Google)

eCommerce as a whole is on the rise making it the opportune time to enter the arena. We hope you put our prophetic visions of the future to good use. May they aid you in unlocking the immense potential that awaits your online store. For all of your eCommerce website development and online marketing needs, look no further. We bid you a very Happy New Year.


Most Successful Online Marketing Campaigns of 2019

Another year has passed. Events have transpired, some memorable, some less so. Timelines are filled with pictures capturing the gradual passage of time.

Social media feature unfiltered streams of consciousness, spewing forth a healthy blend of opinion with limited facts. The gram is littered with a litany of #ad featuring all manner of products and “experiences”.


With such a smorgasbord of information bombarding us at a nearly constant rate, we look back at the online marketing campaigns that cut through the noise. Rising to our prestigious title nomination of the Most Successful Online Marketing Campaigns of 2019.

Let’s begin with that cuts close to our hearts. Gillette’s masterful marketing moves have been on the mainstream radar for some time now.

Utilizing the perceived qualities of manhood to sell razors with an ever-increasing about of cool strips and blades, is no simple task. Unlike the simplicity of shaving with a Gillette branded product. This is why the public was taken aback when Gillette used their ideal man imagery as a call to arms with ‘The Best Men Can Be’ campaign.

Imploring the male masses to be better and treat others with the respect they deserve is an aggressive strategy. Well suited to reflect popular movements that gained momentum over the past years, the campaign shot to the foreground of public perception.

However, the campaign caused a significant stir, showered in praise and backlash at near-equal rates. The bold decision paid off with a healthy bump in conversion thanks to a target millennial approach.

An equally thought-provoking strategy was used by beloved chocolate connoisseurs Cadbury. In conjunction with Age UK, they created a campaign that highlighted the loneliness our elders experienced. ‘Donate your Words’ was a moving testament to our propensity for compassion and empathy.

Designed to raise awareness and funds to combat this dreadful isolation, endearing Cadbury to the public and proving they are the true masters of sweetness.

We would be remised without mentioning the masterful follow-up campaign conducted by marketing legends Heineken.

Utilizing their immensely successful ‘Go Places’ campaign to once again claw out a hefty chunk of mindshare with ‘Go Places 2.0’. Embracing the iterative trend so prominent in 2019, Heineken was able to deliver thirty-three stories from the employee perspective. Offering a refreshing beverage with a refreshing amount of transparency.

However, there is one clear winner in 2019. Toting an impressive following with an immensely positive brand image, at a shocking three to one ratio in their favor, Spotify.

Algorithm informed advertising is prominently used throughout the digital marketing industry. Never quite like this. Whether identifying the perfect MEME ‘the _____ for every mood’ campaign’s use of pop culture is astounding.

The proper balance of humor and personalized recommendations endears the platform to users old and new. Who can forget the Laurel or Yanny moment that held the spotlight and cemented Spotify in pop culture? Utilizing tracked data for their #2018Wrapped turned out to be the perfect stepping stone for an unbelievable 2019 pop culture campaign.

Lastly, it is worth noting that our selections primarily feature industry titans with existing brand recognition. However, according to metrics gathered over this past year, small businesses and mid-tier businesses are the true winners of online digital marketing.

Utilizing a reputable digital marketing agency has proven invaluable in capturing potential growth at an unprecedented rate. Skyrocketing brand awareness to previously unattainable heights with ease and efficiency.

The emergence of SEO marketing provides a compelling option with a return on investment well above previous standards. We implore businesses to adopt this effective method of marketing. Who knows, maybe your business could climb to the upper echelon and earn our coveted title of Most Successful Online Marketing Campaign of 2020.


The Role of Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile Apps represent a range of opportunities for companies of all industries and audiences. From fostering customer interest and loyalty to deploying marketing to the masses. Building an app worthy of the customer’s time and attention should be a primary focus for all businesses.

Mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020.

mobile apps griffonwebstudios

Mobile marketing on your own platform is cost-effective. Aiming advertisements at customers that are already aware of your brand can increase sales within an existing customer base. Invigorating those around them to take notice. Offering benefits attached to those sales can further incentivize word of mouth. Allowing you to reach additional customers.

When properly utilized Mobile applications can unlock exponential growth potential while encouraging continued support from an existing customer base.

Mobile Apps

There is an app for that!

Mobile apps invaded our way of life, offering convivence, entertainment and engaging content on all our favorite devices. In a climate that has an app for everything we think exploring the space could yield desirable results for companies interested in dipping their toes in the water. Increase your presence and outreach with enticing and exciting content for your customers.

mobile apps

Working with mobile app developers can be incredibly beneficial. They offer personalized solutions designed to meet your needs and requirements. Whether encouraging promotional content or remain in touch with your community, a well-implemented mobile app can invigorate growth and development. Search for the Mobile App Company that suites your needs and discover the potential.

Customer Loyalty

Many mobile applications utilize loyalty programs to incentivize customers. Rewards programs or deal alerts are common functions drawing the attention of a lapsed customer in order to motivate a purchase. Then subsequently rewarding the purchase. Leading to a perpetual cycle while separating your company from competitors.

In 2017, there were 178 billion app downloads. That number is projected to grow to 205 billion this year, and 258 billion in 2022—a 45% increase over five years.

This method has proven beneficial to a multitude of scenarios. Increasing visitation frequency. Such apps also rely on the fear of being left out. Inspiring customers to constantly check in on inventory status. Customer interaction is at the core of a well-built mobile app.

Direct Communication

Door to door salesmen thrived on their ability to turn customer interaction into sales. Utilizing sales methods to inspire customer confidence. Building a rapport with pleasant chit chat. Engaging the customer as an attentive helper focused on fixing an issue. Mobile Applications are the modern-day door to door salesman.

Presentation is crucial to establishing and maintaining interest. A well-designed app can be very endearing to customers looking for an entertaining and beneficial way to engage. The quality of the app establishes the customer’s concept of perceived value. Informing their assessment of the company behind the app.

Applications offer a direct line of communication. Allowing companies to express their values and goals directly to the customer. Building a relationship and rapport helps foster a sense of brand loyalty. Which in turn becomes a habit. Applications offer a truly one of a kind opportunity for modern business owners. Allowing them to connect with every household directly.


What Should Your Marketing Budget be in 2020?

We have seen a dramatic shift in marketing strategy occur over the past few years. Digital marketing has grown significantly. Largely to the increased returns provided by the burgeoning online customer market.

With projection indicating further growth within the competitive online space. Awareness has become a coveted commodity. In an age notorious for individuals with ever-decreasing attention spans being recognized is becoming more and more difficult.

Marketing in 2020

Many have turned towards innovations within the digital marketing space to capture the elusive attention they desire. Local SEO represents the attempt to capitalize on the potential.

Search engine optimization is no longer an interesting attempt but a tried and true method with exceptionally high conversion rates. Offering immense return on investment, a boon to top tier Local SEO companies. 

With many companies increasing their capital investment in such marketing, the question emerges how much should we spend on our marketing budget in 2020?

Marketing In 2020

Marketing budgets are different for various industries. Universally 8% of your gross revenue is the agreed-upon recommendation as far as a percentage. However, dependent on your current marketing company you may see significant fluctuation and discrepancy regarding their recommendation.

Many companies are pointing toward the competitive online market as a reason to raise that percentage. Establishing an online presence is of the utmost importance and requires a substantial investment. Others argue that the efficiency at which top tier digital marketing companies are able to operate offsets the needs for additional funding.

However, utilizing the proper digital marketing company is a factor they all agree upon. Protect your investment and identify productive partners.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial to the proper implementation of marketing and capturing the optimal return on your marketing budget. The modern customer interacts at least fifteen times a day with online platforms.

Social media acts as a constant tether bringing customers back to their devices. Encouraging engagement with other websites.

Google accounts for the vast majority of the search engine userbase drawing multiple visitations. The potential is astronomical. Our society continues to emphasize the use of smart devices. Providing engagement not restricted by location or current activity. 

We believe 55% of that marketing should be spent on digital marketing. On average most companies spend 35%. A weak sum when compared to the growth potential that digital marketing offers. Those companies are living in the past, do not repeat their mistakes.

Return on Investment

Make your money work for you. Money is precious. Every cent should be spent to advance and grow. This is why return on investment is so very important and an excellent way to evaluate marketing effectiveness. There should be a tangible result. The impact should appear in increased traffic and a higher conversion rate. Which is why we emphasize digital marketing as worthy of a greater investment.

The primary focus is making that investment work for you. Maximize the return by investing in effective and impactful marketing


How to Increase Your Holiday Sales?

The air is crisp, possessing an inherent chill. T-shirts are exchanged for jackets. That can mean only one thing. Holiday shopping has arrived. Businesses everywhere rejoice in the uptick in traffic and currency exchanged during this magical time. Celebrating with loyalty programs and enticing deals to encourage audience engagement. Turning potential shoppers into satisfied customers.

With so many companies vying for customer attention it becomes increasingly important to reinforce your presence. Standing out in the crowd as a strong beacon of holiday shopping bliss. Capture and retain your slice of the market with a combination of properly implemented web design and effective marketing to not only increase your presence but bolster your holiday sales.

Web Design

Interacting with customers is crucial in converting potential into sales. The modern age of shopping demands a convenient and comfortable shopping experience. Countless companies spend enormous budgets on digital marketing without addressing the shortcomings of their website. Don’t funnel customers to an outdated portal.

The impact of proper web design cannot be understated. We have all visited storefront websites that are archaic afterthoughts. Leaving an impression of a lesser quality operation without the means to support every avenue of their business. Avoid negative interactions and increase customer enjoyment with cleverly designed web design.

Proper web design also communicates a sense of reliability and trustworthiness to the customer. Establishing a stronger bond between company and consumer is crucial. Achieve more with strategic implementation aimed at aiding customers throughout the process. Exceed the standards of competitors to capture their audience.

Effective Marketing

The landscape of marketing has drastically changed. Digital marketing has emerged as the primary means of increasing traffic and sales. With good reason, over 85% of customers report using online research to aid their purchasing experience.

The modern customer enjoys making informed purchasing decisions. Which favors companies with a strong digital marketing strategy. Marketing companies are powerful tools for business owners, utilizing SEO as an effective method of increasing awareness. Keywords allow a marketing company to target interested parties for significantly higher conversion rates. Leading to an impressive increase in return on investment, a coveted ratio of impact on money spent.

Effective marketing delivers an increased audience that shows an intent to purchase. Window shopping should remain a thing of the past. Converting willing customers offers greater return potential as opposed to traditional targeted ads based on demographics. Value your investment and demand better results.

Increase Your Presence 

Holiday shopping continues its momentous shift in preference for online shopping. Capitalize on the shift by increasing your online presence in a meaningful way. Harness the power of digital marketing to increase awareness and traffic. We recommend identifying a competent Marketing Company to aid you in the process. Grow rapidly utilizing innovative strategies such as search engine optimization.

Incorporate clever web design to maintain a connection with your newly acquired audience. Holiday web designs foster a festive spirit adding to the overall purchasing experience.

Do not leave potential on the table, capture the market and drastically increase your holiday sales. Reach out and construct your holiday plans today.


Effective Ways To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Driving increased viewership to a website is only half of the equation. Growth potential represents the opportunity of converting an audience into active customers. A high conversion rate is what truly separates the successful eCommerce site from competitors.

Brand Awareness

It begins with establishing brand awareness and associating desirable qualities and traits with your company. Building a brand requires dedication ushering decisions along the way that lines up with the overall goals and values. Ideally, these values relate to the active customer base.

As an example, the strong push towards cleansers using organic ingredients. By aligning company values with that of the consumer you elevate the overall appeal of the product. Certain values carry connotations.

In the case of the organic cleansers, customers may associate increased health and wellness, environmentally conscious, and lack of harmful substances with the product. The brand instantly conveys these qualities to the customer. Which fuels the primary focus of building brand awareness.

There are many ways to grow awareness. Social media plays a significant role in curating buzz words. Leading customers to search certain terminology when looking for products within that category. By properly implementing SEO you can unlock immense potential.

Your brand can be catapulted to the top of results with the appropriate association. Dominating mindshare in the category through increased relevance based on search terms. Individuals are driven toward your products with the intent of purchase. The next step is converting those individuals to active customers.

eCommerce Conversion Rate   

This coveted metric embodies the power of a company’s ability to turn potential customers into active customers. This is achieved by increasing viewership with higher purchase probability. There are a number of ways to influence this metric.

Targeting the appropriate audience. Implementing enticing advertisement. Offering desirable quality products. The latter is normally established while the former two leave the great potential for growth.

You can deploy two of these methods simply by implementing a proper SEO strategy. As an advertisement that aligns with an appropriate customer base SEO has earned a primary focus for increasing eCommerce conversion rates. By infusing potential customers with a higher likelihood to covet the products offered. Thus, increasing the odds of sale while increasing overall viewership and company traffic. A tried and true recipe for success. 

Increased ROI

Return on investment is equally important. Larger returns allow businesses and companies to continue funding their growth. Investments that do not yield substantial returns greatly reduce the speed at which growth is achieved.

For marketing, the idea is to invest with a clear impact in mind. The dollar figure invested should have a corollary increase in conversion. Not just in viewership or audience. Results should be tangible. Meaning and increased investment should yield higher sales.

SEO marketing has been proven to provide excellent ROI. Utilizing very little capital for significant increases to overall sales. Get the most out of every dollar with SEO services.

Your website can benefit immediately by addressing and implementing these categories with proper guidance.


Tips To Choose The Best Web Design Company

As a web design company in New York, we see our fair share of website monstrosities. Sloppy design, low-resolution imagery, terrible user interface, the list goes on and on.

We understand the desire to shape your online presence on your own. Creating with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, the end result seldom represents the quality of the company. Web design companies exist to deliver an end result you can be proud of. A website worthy of carrying the company name. In the search for the right web design company, these are the things to consider.

Web design

Building a website requires insight into the operation of the operating company. Each design is created to capture the essence of the company that the online space is emulating. In short, a well-designed website operates within the confines of the requirements provided.

By addressing and assessing these requirements you can focus on creating a personalized online presence that suits your needs and desires. Different purposes can often shape fundamental building blocks of the website.

With overall purpose informing each detail. From presentation to operation. The intended audience plays a significant part in interface and design. Creating a cohesive and comprehensive interface remains at the forefront of every design. The goal is to serve all audiences regardless of computer competency in order to maximize interaction.

Website Development

The design is merely a starting point. Development is required to grow and sustain. Remaining current and embracing the online space is crucial for continued success. Amassing an audience can be a slow process, build quality content to encourage repeat interaction.

Removing the hurdles for customers should be your primary focus. eCommerce websites rely heavily on simplistic design with a personalized touch. Leaving customers with a feeling that the company and product are unique to them. This fosters a relationship between company and consumer. Keep that relationship strong by improving their overall experience.   

Most modern website designs incorporate scalable builds for mobile interface. The frustration of perusing a website ill-formatted for mobile use is no longer acceptable considering their universal usage. All of these factors come into play when planning your website.

Adaptability is crucial in the online space. Innovations are released at a rapid pace with trends exploding onto the scene. Remaining current keeps your audience engaged and happy. Resulting in continued usage while building a reputation for dependability. 

Choose the Best Web Design Firm

The art of web design is capturing the beauty in purpose. Building every element in support of the whole. Achieving the vision of the company and offering proper representation in the online space.

Griffon Webstudios prides in our ability to create personalized websites for our clients. Built on years of dedication mastering our craft. Still filled with the hunger to learn more to maintain our status as the premier web design specialist. We cater to the requirements of businesses big and small. We are honored by the trust placed in our ability.