Why Countries Are Competing To Build Supercomputers?

Controlling supremacy in the technology world largely involves computers. Countries have realized this fact hence the effort in investing in supercomputers. Supercomputers are defined with speed and efficiency. Companies with a vision to lead different industries are at the forefront to acquire modern equipment and invest in fast processors. The rapid changes in technology leave

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Augmented Reality in Marketing

At the moment, Augment Reality (AR) is still new and under-explored. This novelty makes it the latest solution for sharing information. It is set to beat the amount print, online, and TV advertisements combined. AR can capture people’s attention for at least 85 seconds, raise interaction by 20%, and raise the click-through rate to buy

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Billion-Dollar Business Models

A business model helps you define your customer value proposition and pricing. It provides a helpful guide on how to organize your business, whom you should partner with to generate revenue, and how to structure and manage your supply chain accordingly. Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber are among the most innovative tech companies. Their success lies

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