10 common errors E-Commerce business owners make on their website

E-commerce business model has received an increased use from businesses. This is because of more penetration of technology making it more profitable and again it is also easier to start. For the brick and mortar businesses, they also want to tap an online business based on the opportunities that can be found online. However, they often make the following mistakes which should be avoided at all cost.

ecommerce mistakes
1. Non-Optimized Websites

Modern website design requires that you offer users a website that can be accessed from any device since people will use different devices to access your online store. Therefore, it is important that businesses consider improving their websites so as to be accessed easily from any device.

2. Poor Navigation

Website navigation should be easy so that shoppers can easily find the items they are looking for. Therefore, you should name links appropriately so that they can identify which one leads to the item they are searching.

3. Not Using Search Tool

Shoppers want to easily access the item and read about it then they can make a purchase. This should be done within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is important for a business to consider the attributes that will help in searching items and develop a search tool to be used by the shoppers.

4. Broken Links

Some E-commerce websites have shown broken links. This is because the owners have not put in place a mechanism of quickly checking the functionality of the links. Remember that part of the website maintenance includes checking thoroughly to make sure the website links are working. Therefore, don’t just, check if the website is running remember to confirm the links are also working.

5. Forget to Renew Website Subscription

It’s the end of the year, and you should renew the website so that shoppers will buy from you again next year. Therefore, make sure you have set an auto reminder so that you don’t forget this important action.

The global e-commerce market has reached the 1.7 trillion USD and the industry is growing at an explosive pace. Hence, there’s a huge importance of SEO for E-commerce websites.


6. Poor Choice of Website Hosting Services

Your website should be hosted by a reliable service provider. Therefore don’t just go for the cheap hosting, make sure that the company is reliable. The speed your website loads on the user’s device are dependent on the server speed.

7. Non-Secured Websites

Shoppers want to shop from trusted sites, therefore, it’s important to make sure the security certificate HTTPS is on your website. Otherwise, people will avoid shopping on your website.

8. Not Having Customer Feedback Section

Customers want to be able to send feedback, and therefore it is important for the website to have customer reviews section. This will also help in selling if you have positive feedback.

9. Forgetting to Add Call to Action

A good E-commerce website should have a call to action button so that customers can be influenced to buy the product. Something like “Buy Now!” This will influence the customer to buy.

10. Hidden Contact Information

Customers should be able to contact you anytime they want. Therefore you need to have your contact information on the website pages.

A successful E-commerce website depends on a well-developed website. Therefore you should contact the best website designer to help in designing one.